Rumors And Speculation Swirl After PlayStation Russia's Cryptic Tweet PlayStation LifeStyle

Smartphones are being churned out at an astounding rate, with new flagship devices coming out every year. I am not saying its going to be 'cheap' but there are again numerous factors that make individual PC parts expensive and why you can't compare a 12tflop PC GPU price today with what a possible 12tflop console could cost in a years time. When you consider the Xbox One X, OK so its £100 more than the Pro, but you are getting a whole PS4's GPU equivalent extra (an extra 43% more tflops), 50% more RAM that's also 50% faster, a much more efficient and better quality cooling system, a 4k HDR Bluray player, Variable Refresh Rate capability, Dolby Atmos enabled etc. If you were to ask any PC gamer if they would spend £100 to get 43% better CPU with 50% more RAM and boost all the RAM's speed by

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